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Gavin Mullins (pictured)
CEO, Eooro Launches To Help Businesses Get More Online Customer Reviews
Eooro, an online reviews platform designed for small businesses, has completed the final phase of product development to launch a fully functional service.

The company has also secured US$250,000 of European angel investment to support business expansion.

Founded by Dublin born entrepreneur Gavin Mullins in 2016, Eooro provides small business owners with a low cost, easy to use platform to collect and promote reviews, feedback and testimonials given by customers.

Early Eooro adopters in the UK, Ireland, Australia and US, from industry sectors as diverse as wood flooring, accountancy and frozen foods, to professional chiropractors and opticians, have seen new customer conversion rates increase by up to 70%.

Eooro is focusing on local independent businesses, who need third party reviews to develop brand reputation, but consider the higher prices charged by other online review platforms to be cost prohibitive. For the cost of one month’s service from rival review platforms, a small business can use Eooro for an entire year.

5 key features designed to benefit SMEs
Eooro offers small business owners a very different service to other review sites, including:
  • ‘On The Spot’ Review Collection - using the Eooro app, which can be installed on multiple devices. This allows business owners and employees to collectively gather reviews when ‘face to face’ with customers. 
  • Social Media Posting - reviews can automatically be posted across multiple social networks, helping business owners boost social signals and promote reviews to existing followers. Platforms currently supported include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google+. 
  • Website Widgets – displays the 6 most recent customer reviews to increase customer conversion rates. Existing users have demonstrated the efficacy of this feature in increasing conversions as new customers prefer businesses with good reviews. Eooro can also be used by microbusinesses without a website, who trade using social media channels. 
  • Review Collector Email System – designed for businesses that don’t deal with customers face to face. Following a transaction or relevant customer interaction, the business owner can trigger an email from Eooro requesting a review. The system also helps business owners track and monitor which customers have reviewed and any yet to respond. 
  • Cases – to investigate negative reviews and either expose comments as fakes, or resolve genuine customer complaints. A review is removed for 30 days whilst the issue is investigated - which eliminates the impact of internet trolls or fake reviews placed by competitors to deliberately damage reputation. By addressing genuine problems openly, business owners can demonstrate transparency and good customer service, which rebuilds trust and avoids further reputational damage. If a negative review is proved true and the situation remains unresolved, the review goes live again. 

Eooro’s CEO Gavin Mullins says, “At just £15 a month for a full service, we are much more helpful and affordable for the smaller, independent businesses that are already finding the economic conditions tough. Whether a business is purely online, on the high street, or using a combination of the two, we offer a powerful and efficient way to build trust and reputation through customer reviews.”

Case study:
SME sees 70% new customer conversion rate & visitor uplift
One early adopter of Eooro in South West London reported that having independent endorsements made by existing customers through Eooro has given new customers greater confidence to buy from his company. His research into asking new customers what influenced their buying decisions showed that in 70% of cases, reviews were the final clincher.”