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The Top 5 Ways Document Automation Improves Customer Engagement​

The Top 5 Ways Document Automation Improves Customer Engagement​
Every customer interaction presents an opportunity to make the right impression, to meet customers’ needs and to build relationships that could generate revenue for years to come. Each communication is important but document creation and assembly is labor-intensive, time-consuming and can be error-prone – especially when there are many stages in the process.

Automating outgoing mail management can help by delivering cost and time savings and improving customer engagement. Listed below are five ways it can benefit your enterprise:
  • Personalization – Customers are more apt to respond to targeted, customized and personalized communications. At this stage in the game, they want, even expect, companies to know who they are. This can be challenging when communications are prepared manually. But, output management software can open up the possibilities for personalization and the associated benefits. 
  • Preference – A well thought-out and brilliantly written marketing campaign can be less effective if it reaches a customer at an inopportune time or channel. Some wish to be contacted through digital, print, or a combination of channels. Managing these preferences is a tall order when processes are manual and each channel is handled separately. Multi-channel output management software can help streamline the process by centralizing communications and managing customer preferences. 
  • Speed – Responding quickly to customer inquiries is a key component to success, but manual processes can significantly slow things down. Using digital tools, the request can be entered into the system, customized and dispatched via the customer’s preferred channel so they receive the information on demand. 
  • Perception – Multi-channel document management software can deliver consistent, creative and professional communications. Maximize the impact of each mail piece by adding color, logos, and targeted marketing messages. No matter what size company, it’s important to convey a professional brand image. 
  • Synchronization – Often different communications for the same person go out in separate envelopes, which not only wastes material but postage. It can also give the impression that the company lacks coordination. Digital tools can combine like communications into a single mailing creating efficiency and presenting a single, unified view of the company.