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UiPath Receives Significant Award in Germany

UiPath Receives Significant Award in Germany
UiPath, the leading software provider for enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA), announced today that it was awarded the "Prize of the Jury" at this year's BMW Group IT in-house trade fair. The award was presented to UiPath for its memorable presence at the IT exhibition of the BMW Group in Munich at the end of October.

The jury, consisting of IT executives from the BMW Group, explained their decision by declaring that UiPath had a particular impact on visitors to the trade fair. In addition, the company is making a major contribution to value creation within the BMW Group.

UiPath had a booth at the trade fair and during the event program shared a presentation on the role of RPA and AI in the future workplace.

With the UiPath enterprise RPA platform, the BMW Group automates standardized and structured business processes with the support of software robots. This increases the cost efficiency of the automobile manufacturer and relieves its employees of monotonous routine tasks.

"We are delighted and honored to receive this award. It is a tribute to the outstanding collaboration between the BMW Group and UiPath that began in 2016. It's a prime example of how a company and its IT partner can work together to achieve the best,” stated Walter Obermeier, managing director and vice president sales DACH at UiPath in Munich.