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UiPath Invited to Help Develop Government Expertise in Robotic Process Automation

UiPath Invited to Help Develop Government Expertise in Robotic Process Automation
Leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company UiPath has been invited to enhance government understanding of automation at a conference for senior members of the UK Civil Service Operational Delivery Profession (ODP).

Guy Kirkwood, UiPath’s Chief Evangelist, will deliver a keynote address entitled “Automation; what is it and what does it mean for ODP people?” highlighting how RPA is deploying a 24-hour digital workforce that will eliminate drudgery and free staff to concentrate on improving service-delivery to citizens and the more effective implementation of complex policies.

Kirkwood, an expert on process automation who regularly speaks to Civil Service audiences, will explore how RPA and artificial intelligence (AI) allows governmental organisations to manage peaks in public demand far more effectively, offer additional services, clear backlogs, reduce fraud, error and cost. Kirkwood has 20 years’ experience in services and has a particular interest in the future of work as it relates to the public sector.

The day-long event will be hosted by HMRC First Permanent Secretary and Chief Executive, Jon Thompson, and attended by senior ODP leaders in the Civil Service, including its Chief Executive, John Manzoni, who will give a speech entitled “What does ODP of the future look like in the digital and robotic age?”

Other speakers include: Angela MacDonald, Director General, Customer Services at HMRC; David Holdsworth, Deputy Chief Executive, Charities Commission and Susan Park, Director General, Operations, DWP.

“It’s a privilege to speak at such a significant Civil Service event,” said Kirkwood. “UiPath has been working closely with governments around the world and I’ll be exploring further how RPA and AI allows staff to devote their talents to other tasks with higher ‘value-add’ such as direct contact with members of the public. We can use these type of technologies to transform services and increase efficiency in operational delivery. It is a very exciting topic and a very engaged audience.”