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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Computer systems and software that are able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. Internet of Things (IoT / IIoT) - Network of physical devices embedded with electronics & software resulting in reduced human exertions in industrial and domestic applications.

Strategic Partnership to provide IIoT and Artificial Intelligence for Industry Manufacturers

Strategic Partnership to provide IIoT and Artificial Intelligence for Industry Manufacturers
Elisa Smart Factory and NVision Czech Republic announced a reseller and customer agreement to bring actionable, real-time insights to customers in manufacturing and industrial process businesses based on Elisa’s Smart Factory solution. The solution automates customer data collection and integration, creates a 3D visualization of the factory and detects failures and bottlenecks in production.

“We are taking the complex process of messy industrial data into rich insights and visualizing it in a compelling, easy-to-understand way for factory management, production supervisors and operators”, says Kari Terho, General Manager, Elisa Smart Factory. “With the rising demand in IIoT and AI driven opportunities around manufacturing in Europe, we are very excited about the partnership. NVision is a great addition to our partner ecosystem, strengthening our reseller base in Central Europe”, continues Terho.

“Elisa Smart Factory will enable NVision to deliver great value to our customers as well as to our own manufacturing operations”, says Vladimir Yasinsky, Member of Board of NVision. “When you are able to gain transparency into operations and take actions based on the data, you’re talking about measurable results like increased productivity and cost savings. We are looking forward to making a significant impact with our customers on optimizing their operations”, continues Yasinsky.

NVision Czech Republic is a provider of in-house software solutions, support and managed services as well as electronic and mechanical manufacturing services. Solutions and services developed by NVision serve customers worldwide and the PCB assembly yearly produces electronic parts to over 6 million cars of all marks.

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