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Cognoa Improves Data Management Practices for AI-Based Medical Diagnostics with Immuta

Cognoa Improves Data Management Practices for AI-Based Medical Diagnostics with Immuta
Immuta, the leading provider of enterprise data management solutions for artificial intelligence (AI), today announced a new customer relationship with Cognoa, which provides an AI-based solution for pediatric behavioral health diagnostics and digital therapies. Cognoa utilizes Immuta’s platform to ensure data access policies are consistently and accurately enforced across a wide variety of data sources and users driving their machine learning programs.

Palo Alto, CA-based Cognoa trains algorithms to aid in the diagnosis of behavioral health conditions, including autism and ADHD, with highly sensitive data from a production database which lives in a HIPAA environment. Data privacy and security concerns are paramount for the company, and Cognoa needed a platform that would enforce data access roles, permissions, and policies beyond the standard resource or table-based control levels.

Halim Abbas, Chief AI Officer, Cognoa
“We have a group of very talented data scientists who build our run-time engine for diagnostics software. Our legacy practice of providing them with all of the data they required to build models, while removing the ePHI and HIPAA sensitive information, was extremely time and labor intensive. It was essential to expedite this process, and to also continue to anonymize sensitive information for reporting.”

To meet Cognoa’s needs, Immuta applied purpose-based restrictions to data available natively through its platform, dynamically enforcing data access and policy restrictions based on the data scientist’s needs in real-time. Immuta also applied masking techniques to create a view of Cognoa’s data where sensitive information was included, and any identifiers, such as names and birthdates, were anonymized.

Abbas continued, “With Immuta in place, we have been able to streamline both data science and engineering teamwork, dynamically adapt in real time, and accelerate overall productivity. All the while, we’re also able to define and enforce detailed data access policies that guarantee the security and anonymity of sensitive data to meet or surpass industry regulations.”

Matt Carroll, Chief Executive Officer, Immuta
“Cognoa is on the cutting edge of AI-based medical diagnostics with the important goal of empowering physicians and families to identify behavioral health conditions early when treatments have the greatest potential for improved lifelong outcomes. Immuta’s mission is to ensure the legal and ethical use of data through self-service access and control of highly sensitive information used in the development of machine learning and AI. We’re proud to partner with Cognoa and support its delivery of HIPAA-compliant algorithms within a stringent regulatory environment.”

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