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IBM Watson AI: Shifting Toward VRF

IBM Watson AI: Shifting Toward VRF
This outage has been cancelled. The Watson platform is investigating alternative paths to mitigate the length and nature of disruption to our customers and customers’ end users.

The IBM Watson Group is shifting our routing principles to change our accounts to VRF in order to make it easier to connect to our Deep Learning-as-a-Service and (over time) provide private endpoints for companies’ IPs and VPC.

What are the implications?
Watson is pivoting from global routing to account-dedicated virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instances. This means that IBM Cloud will allow multiple instances of IP routing simultaneously and network paths to be segmented.

All Watson-associated accounts will be migrated from IBM Cloud global routing to VRF in development, staging, and production.

This shift will cause an outage or disruptive maintenance window to workloads as network connectivity to the services will need to be shut down. This maintenance window will be Saturday, August 25, 2018, from 5 PM EDT to 8 PM EDT in order to minimize the impact on your workloads and your customers’ workloads.