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Alpega officially launches its brand in Vienna and will be further shaping transport collaboration in future

Alpega officially launches its brand in Vienna and will be further shaping transport collaboration in future
With the demand for transport capacity higher than ever before, optimal collaboration between logistics partners becomes essential. Alpega tackles this challenge with its ONE network of transport professionals, which has recently reached 90.000 members worldwide.

“It’s a people business ”, say Transwide and Teleroute CEO Fabrice Maquignon and inet CEO Oswald Werle during their keynote at the Connectival event, “but one that is running more and more with the aid of software”, they add. Speaking at Connectival 2018 in Vienna, the CEOs unveiled the vision of Alpega – a new name in sector, but with a portfolio of well-known transport management solutions.

“Just like many other sectors, technological advancements are shaping the future of transportation – and software plays a central role. Alpega is an ambitious group, backed by private equity, that offers the scale, the expertise and the network connectivity needed to help organisations digitally transform supply chain networks”, explains Maquignon.

Of course, transforming any business is about more than just implementing a software tool. Acting as the glue between Alpega’s transport management and freight exchange platforms, the Alpega ONE network caters to the needs of shippers, service providers, freight forwarders and carriers alike. The ONE network has grown into a community consisting now of 70.000 carriers and more than 20.000 suppliers. Fabrice Maquignon: “Recently, we added Wtransnet to the portfolio of freight exchanges, substantially expanding our pan-European network and thus adding a lot of value for our customers.”

Alpega’s products are well known in the industry, with inet, TenderEasy, Wtransnet, Teleroute and Transwide acting as the flagships of the group. inet’s CEO Oswald Werle comments: “At Alpega, we create end-to-end solutions that offer accurate, real-time visibility. Combining the strength of our interconnected TMS and freight exchange platforms and the data that flows on them, we can provide valuable business insights. This allows companies to optimise their transport planning and execution while benefitting from lower costs and higher visibility.”