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Last Mile Delivery - What Shoppers Want and How to #SaveRetail

Last Mile Delivery - What Shoppers Want and How to #SaveRetail
Convey, Inc., the leading provider of delivery experience management software, today announced the results of its third annual consumer expectations study confirming the rising cost of a failed delivery experience.

Of more than 1,500 shoppers surveyed, 98% confirm that shipping impacts brand loyalty and 84% report they are unlikely to return after just one negative experience—a 34% percent increase from 2017.

“Delivery expectations have clearly increased year-over-year as Amazon continues to raise the bar and customers take the bait,” said Kirsten Newbold-Knipp, chief marketing officer at Convey. “Today, simply tracking a package isn’t enough. Retailers and brands that want to thrive need to invest in people, processes and tools that positively impact last mile delivery and customer loyalty.”

The way a retailer responds to a negative situation can have a positive impact on repeat purchases. Consumers who cite previous delivery experiences as a key factor in their retailer selection are 60% more likely to return to a brand that has positively resolved a prior issue.

Other survey findings include:

Cost is Top of Mind
  • 62% cite cost as the most important factor in delivery 

Retailers Must Own Up to Delivery Delays
  • 87% expect brands to make amends when they miss a delivery date 
  • 52% expect a refund or discount on shipping costs 

Scheduling and Routing Options are Critical
  • 55% need to reschedule appointment windows at least 20% of the time 
  • 70% expect to be able to make some kind of routing change, whether to a new address, terminal or pick up locker, a 41% increase from 2017 

Customers Prefer Private Channels for Negative Feedback
  • 98% want to self-serve or interact with a brand to resolve delivery issues 
  • 89% want to provide feedback when they have a negative delivery experience 
  • 42% cite email as their preferred channel for feedback, whereas 28% prefer customer service lines 

Convey helps global retailers including, Eddie Bauer and Grove Collaborative manage more than 10 million shipments monthly, resulting in 4X faster issue resolution, and a 22% reduction in delivery times.

To learn more about how today’s consumer expectations factor into the delivery experience, download “Last Mile Delivery: What Shoppers Want and How to #SaveRetail” here.