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CloudMinds and Sprint Extend Collaboration in AI, Transforming the Retail Customer Experience

CloudMinds and Sprint Extend Collaboration in AI, Transforming the Retail Customer Experience
The retail industry is undergoing significant transformation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming one of the foundational technologies to help deliver a frictionless shopping experience.

CloudMinds Technology, a pioneer, developer and operator of cloud AI robotic solutions, today announced a technology and go to market collaboration with Sprint. At Mobile World Congress Americas 2018, the companies are demonstrating two innovative use cases for retail, Cloud Pepper and the Smart Retail Go-Box.

Cloud Pepper for Retail:

Cloud Pepper for retail pairs a novel humanoid Robot, ‘Pepper’ with multimodal AI technologies, delivering a new way for businesses to engage customers. With the ability to detect user mood, recognize faces and objects, and converse in multiple languages, Cloud Pepper provides a new, unique conversational experience. Common use cases for Cloud Pepper in retail include lobby ambassador, conversational agent and product champion.

Smart Retail Go-Box:
Go-Box uses Computer Vision technology with deep learning algorithms to recognize customers and the merchandise they are purchasing. The cloud-based platform provides product recommendations, smart inventory management and targeted digital advertising. The solution is easily deployable in many venues like airports and transit hubs, retail convenience stores, quick service restaurants and connected campuses.

“The Cloud Pepper and Go-Box solutions that we are demonstrating are just a preview of the future of AI-based service delivery in many vertical markets. We believe some of these technologies will become retail industry standards. We are excited that Sprint has placed its confidence in us as a key AI technology and go to market service partner,” said Bill Huang, CEO of CloudMinds Technology.

“CloudMinds is changing the face of retail services,” said Ivo Rook, senior vice president of IoT & product development for Sprint. “Cloud Pepper for Retail and the Smart Retail Go-Box provide precisely what the industry needs - the deployment of new and exciting customer services with new ways to connect to retail brands quickly and efficiently.”