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Alphamega Supermarkets Works to Drive Modernization with Infor and Indigo Software

Alphamega Supermarkets Works to Drive Modernization with Infor and Indigo Software
Infor, a leading provider of industry-specific cloud applications , today announced that Alphamega Supermarkets, one of the largest and fastest growing retailers in Cyprus, has deployed Infor System21, Aurora 3.1. Supported by Infor partner, Indigo Software, Alphamega Supermarkets is the first organization to adopt Aurora 3.1, the latest version of Infor’s System21 ERP application, which has been designed to help facilitate a more modernized user experience, enhance connectivity and facilitate enhanced analytics and reporting.

On the back of substantial business growth, which has seen the number of Alphamega’s outlets increase by 50% in the last two years, the company needed a robust, powerful ERP platform to support the next chapter of its growth. Specifically, the retailer sought the capabilities to embrace opportunities presented by digitalization, as well as the agility to respond to changing demands in its marketplace.

Working with Indigo Software (Infor’s longest standing partner for Infor System21), Alphamega selected to upgrade to Infor System21 Aurora 3.1 based on its powerful, robust platform (running on IBM Power Systems), and its ability to deliver a more modernized user experience, which can allow multiple functions to be open at any one time. Its connectivity and ability to support greater visibility, BI, analytics and reporting were also key to the decision.

“Our ethos is very much about keeping things simple,” comments Stelios Papaxanthos, Chief Financial Officer, Alphamega Supermarkets. “Infor System21 Aurora supports this sentiment through reducing complexity and allowing us to access information which can help us make decisions quickly based on live, easy to view insights. Its web-based connectivity means that we can integrate all of our key applications and access them in one place to understand where we are at any point, and its stability and robustness means that we always have confidence that our critical processes are in good hands.”

“Indigo and our own team worked together seamlessly, making decisions and resolving issues quickly and efficiently to deliver a hugely successful project, testament to which was that our users didn’t actually realize we were upgrading – they thought it was just a maintenance window.”

“As one of the largest and fastest-growing supermarkets in the region, Alphamega is always looking at ways in which it can embrace technology to innovate, and in line with this, the team has fully embraced the modernized capabilities, integration and analytics in the latest version of Infor System21 Aurora,” comments Paul Smith, Project Manager, Indigo Software. “On the back of 50% growth in its outlets and two new warehouses, it cannot afford to take any chances on its critical systems, and with Infor’s platform at the helm, it is primed to take advantage of the opportunities brought about by digitalization, with the insight to move forward in the best way possible.”