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Peoplevox e-book offers free guidance to hard-pressed e-commerce retailers

Peoplevox e-book offers free guidance to hard-pressed e-commerce retailers
Peoplevox, the leading e-commerce warehouse and fulfilment software specialist, today announced the availability of ‘The Practical Guide to Scaling your Warehouse’.

This detailed 16 page e-book is free to download and explains what e-commerce retailers need to do, and when, to ensure their warehouses scale without a hitch.

Drawing on Peoplevox’s many years of experience in helping some of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies to fine tune their warehousing, it provides expert and comprehensive guidance.

Key areas covered include:
  • The stages of warehouse growth 
  • Warehousing fundamentals 
  • How to optimise warehouse layout 
  • Identifying the right storage solutions 
  • Taking control of warehouse best practices 
  • Determining which technology will propel the business forward 

Commented Jonathan Bellwood, Peoplevox Founder and CEO: “Peoplevox has been around for almost a decade. Over this time, we’ve helped a lot of growing online businesses successfully scale. It is a pleasure to be able to share our experience through the publication of this guide.”

He added: “It will prove very useful for e-commerce retailers as we’ve seen the areas where many businesses struggle; where they’ve had the wrong processes in place, bought in inappropriate storage equipment, established inefficient warehouse layouts.”

Download The Practical Guide to Scaling your Warehouse here