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Online Retailer Tips for Cyber Monday

Online Retailer Tips for Cyber Monday
Black Friday may be the pinnacle of the Christmas shopping season for many UK retailers but Cyber Monday is still a prime day for boosting your online sales. Last year, retailers reportedly experienced a 155% increase in traffic on Cyber Monday, compared to a normal sales day.

Today’s the day and we at Khaos Control Cloud, have some tips you can follow to make the most of Cyber Monday!

What you can do right away
You should certainly look at a number of different online advertising techniques to promote your Cyber Monday offers. Using paid search ads is a good way of gaining visibility because you can use it to appear at the top of search result pages. What’s more, search ads mean your products will be shown to customers at the precise moment they are in a shopping mind frame.

You also need to make your products stand out from your competitors since nowadays customers have plenty of choice. They also tend to do research before committing to a purchase, particularly if it’s an expensive one. Reviews are a good way of persuading customers to buy your products, so now’s a good time to ramp up your efforts to gather reviews. According to a survey by Bright Local, 7 out of 10 customers will leave a review for a business if they’re asked to. Even if you only get a few reviews they can be helpful because they’ll be recent.

User generated content on social media is also a powerful way of persuading customers to choose your product. Seeing your product being used by another shopper is a great endorsement for it. Being able to visualise it in a real life context is also helpful. You can set up a hashtag to encourage people to share pictures of themselves with your products, then add these to your website and social media channels.

It’s also wise to review your website and use the time and resources you have to make any improvements you can fit in. This could be as simple as reviewing product descriptions to make sure they have all the relevant information and are presented clearly. Perhaps you could also create a landing page for your sale and make sure you use effective messaging and colours, like red, which will make your offers stand out.

Double Check
Always check you still have enough inventory to fulfill the orders for items that are on sale. If you are running sales on some of the same items from Black Friday, you may want to target customers who had previously shown an interest in these products. You could send them an email, or use remarketing ads to remind them about the product. If you can afford to, you may even want to offer a slightly higher discount exclusively to them.

Throughout the sales, don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors too. If they are offering a better discount than you, it may be worth revising your strategy.

What to do after the sales event
Evaluate how the sales went as soon as you can afterwards. After all, you still have the rest of the Christmas shopping season to go, so it is better to spot any glitches you can fix as soon as possible.

If you get a flurry of traffic to your website, you’ll gather plenty of data you can use to inform your decisions in future. For example, you may have found a certain technique you used would also work well for future sales. Make notes on what you learnt, so you can refer to them when you plan next year’s sales too. Then prioritise any improvements that will make the biggest difference to your business.

The run up to Christmas can be challenging time for retailers but it also has the potential to boost your business. You can make the most of the opportunities it presents by planning your approach, then refining it as the season goes on.