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Integrate to Innovate: Building a Modern Information Environment

Integrate to Innovate: Building a Modern Information Environment
Be it luxury or loungewear, fashion businesses aim to make products that sell, using methods that are as quick, cost-efficient, and sustainable as possible. Due to market pressure and the quickening pace of consumer demand, product quality and profit margins are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, and organizations of all shapes and sizes are turning to technology.

Chief among those challenges in the immediate term are long lead times. This can lead to missed trend opportunities or shortened selling cycles, and are typically caused by inefficiencies in design and development. A brand’s inability to react to market trends in a timely way will threaten the profitability of the entire business.

Over the long term, the very same obstacles will most likely restrict the business’s ability to pursue other common strategic goals:
  • Introducing new product categories;
  • Iterating with existing components to promote product variety and diversify across their retail channels;
  • Launching new capsule collections;
  • Dispensing different inventories between online and physical sales and going omni-channel;
  • Adapting existing product lines to the cultural characteristics of new markets. 

But although they manifest in a wide variety of ways, each of these obstacles can be ascribed to one common internal issue: a lack of consistent, reliable information with which internal departments can work.

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