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Cloud2 help RLBUHT drive performance and improve patient care with Microsoft BI

Cloud2 help RLBUHT drive performance and improve patient care with Microsoft BI
Healthcare organisations across the UK are facing significant challenges around information and data driven reporting. With the media's attention targeted on buzzwords such as 'big data', 'predictive analytics' and 'strategic insights', healthcare organisations are becoming acutely aware of the fact that performance targets need to be met and the answers to better decision making are tied up in historic and archived data. Data needs to be transformed into a format that can be reported on, allowing the building of dashboards that are both user friendly and insights driven. Then executives, managers and analysts need to be able to draw insights and share these thoughts with the broader organisation to see the true potential in enterprise BI.

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust (RLBUHT) are no exception. The trust faced challenges including a lack of trust wide collaboration for users to share insights, as well as moving from PDF reports to live and interactive dashboards. In addition, RLBUHT also had problems with reports and Access databases stored locally instead of on an enterprise BI platform in SQL. Finally, some reports were running slowly.

With a view to accelerating the planning phase for the BI project; RLBUHT’s Information team brought Cloud2 in to run their Meson-BI Audit, a day long, fixed price engagement, to do a baseline review of RLBUHT's BI strategy assessment, vision, areas for improvements, risks, concerns and a technical analysis around software/hardware, skills analysis of the information team and a review of data quality and data harmonisation. This report was then written up and presented back to the trust.

With NHS organisations’ need to ensure patients are receiving the best possible care and treatement; the need for managers and executives to have reliable data to make better decisions is critical and the Meson-BI Audit helped support the case for a trust-wide BI project to improve. This has now led to Cloud2 being tasked with the design and build of RLBUHT's new enterprise Microsoft BI architecture, with SharePoint 2013 and SQL 2012 Enterprise, to help deliver better visualisation of data, better sharing of insights and most importantly, better decision making.

Paul Morris, RLBUHT's Head of Business Intelligence said, “RLBUHT has a vision to transform the delivery of business intelligence, to drive operational and clinical insight whilst supporting strategic decision making. Cloud2 delivered a comprehensive and rapid BI audit, using their specific tools and methodologies, to detail a clear set of recommendations that we are in the process of implementing to achieve our vision.”

Mark Robinson, Cloud2's Senior BI Developer who led the Meson-BI Audit with RLBUHT added, "Working in partnership with ourselves, RLBUHT have defined a set of solid objectives for their BI strategy going forwards. Most significantly RLBUHT have recognised the need to invest in all parts of their source to report BI solution, including their backend BI solutions, and upgrading all parts to the latest tools and technologies."