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Tieto and Cisco accelerate the Internet of Everything revolution

Tieto and Cisco accelerate the Internet of Everything revolution
Tieto and Cisco announce a close collaboration around the Internet of Everything and a new Tieto Industrial Internet platform for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The collaboration draws on the strengths of both companies and transforms their customers’ businesses future-proof through a unique platform that brings IoT benefits to the real world.

Tieto and Cisco today announced collaboration on the Internet of Everything solutions, which will help various industries – from manufacturing to healthcare – take advantage of the tidal wave of data being generated by machines and derive more value from their existing networks.

Tieto and Cisco’s shared vision for this collaboration is to create a platform that enables new ways to connect devices and distribute intelligence and autonomy for the devices. The Tieto Industrial Internet platform will function as an enabler for the customers to connect facilities, machines, wearables or any other devices into each other’s, back end applications or to human interfaces in real time and even from remote locations. This allows the customers’ to start to design new type of connected digital business models – it will be e.g. possible to machine facing unexpected failure to alert remotely and even start corrective actions itself based on the intelligence deployed in the Tieto Industrial Internet platform.

“Industrial Internet is transforming businesses profoundly. It is an industry revolution taking place right now and it will revolutionize the old frameworks of all business thinking. No industry will be left unaffected,” says Taneli Tikka, Head of Industrial Internet at Tieto. “As a long-time partner of customers operating in several industries, Tieto has an excellent opportunity to be the pioneer of this change. Furthermore, by taking advantage of the Tieto Industrial Internet platform, Tieto Industrial Internet start-up will actively team with other market-leading solution providers to create an agile worldwide Industrial Internet ecosystem in order to provide the best quality, reliability and functionality for the benefit of our customers,” concludes Taneli Tikka.

“With machines and sensors producing an ever-increasing amount of data, companies are facing an unprecedented challenge. They need to act in real time with the incoming data and work within the limits of available bandwidth. In order to retain low latency and high QoS, data can be processed locally closer to the data source, be it a factory supply chain, traffic system, power distribution system, basically anything that produces data,” comments Kip Compton, vice president and general manager of the IoT Systems and Software Group at Cisco. “With Tieto, we now have the first relationship in place in the Nordics to develop fog computing solutions that will alleviate the data tsunami and bring broader Internet of Everything benefits to key industries. A great development, which we will also showcase together in openBerlin, our recently opened Cisco® IoE Innovation Center for manufacturing, transportation and logistics in Berlin.”

The collaboration between Tieto and Cisco draws on the distinct strengths of each company. Tieto’s long-term system integration experience, multi-industry knowledge and innovative machine to machine solutions, and Cisco’s vision around the Internet of Everything, its world-class networking solutions, and Cisco Fog Computing™ with IOx, which transforms the network edge into a distributed computing infrastructure for applications, and other ground-breaking technology that make the Industrial Internet reality.

Tieto and Cisco are targeting specific industry issues or opportunities in many industries, starting in manufacturing and transportation, which will become available already this autumn.