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Software applications relating to the healthcare supply chain which promote the effective management of supply chain resources.

Meeting the supply chain challenge

Meeting the supply chain challenge
Recognising the need for change was only the first step for Fleet Laboratories on the notoriously treacherous path of selecting and successfully implementing an integrated manufacturing management system.

Most companies, whatever the industry, are facing the challenge of customer’s whose needs and demands are no longer predictable, yet who expect manufacturers to improve their ability to respond. The Pharmaceutical sector is far from immune to these pressures, and so many pharmaceutical manufacturers, both large and small, have now turned their attention to re-organisation and the deploying of new systems.

In particular, over the past few years, the industry has seen unprecedented investments in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. By improving the flow of information and control throughout the organisation, and wider enterprise, these systems can help to drive cost out of the supply chain, reduce lead times and ensure better customer service.

A UK operation that has been part of this trend, and which is now seeing the major benefits from the time and money it has expended on implementing an integrated manufacturing management system, is Fleet Laboratories, the Manufacturing Division of DDD Ltd.

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