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NHSBT implements new Logistics Technology enhancing Blood Delivery and Collection Service

NHSBT implements new Logistics Technology enhancing Blood Delivery and Collection Service
NHS Blood and Transplant, which provides transport of blood and associated services to the NHS in England and North Wales, has implemented CALIDUS TMS transport management software from OBS Logistics to support its aim to increase efficiency in order to keep the cost of blood low.

Safeguarding the blood supply involves collecting blood from more than 3,000 donation venues in England and North Wales. Blood is tested, processed, stored and delivered, to NHSBT’s 15 stock holding units for onward on demand shipment to every NHS Trust in England and North Wales. Making sure that all available logistics resources are deployed in the most efficient manner is the best method of meeting variations in demand.

NHSBT is one of the few operations that must be fully functioning at optimum efficiency – at all times! Given the nature of what is being done and the volumes involved - getting the systems right is critical. Collections and deliveries must always be made at the right time and to the right place – there is no scope for mistakes!

OBS Logistics worked with the NHSBT team to supply a new delivery planning and monitoring system based on CALIDUS TMS for its 220 strong fleet. The new system has enabled NHSBT to adopt a consistent approach across all centres and improve order capture, reduce third party costs such as couriers and improve service levels. The complete solution brought together CALIDUS TMS and CALIDUS ePOD (deployed on rugged Android devices) from OBS Logistics for load planning and delivery capture, with TomTom Webfleet and Telematics and DPS Logix for transport resource optimisation.

“We are implementing a transport management system that will make sure our transport network, supporting what is a complex logistical supply chain operation, is as effective and efficient as possible.” Paul Taylor NHSBT Logistics