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Cloud2 Take The Headache Out Of Public Health England Screening Services

Cloud2 Take The Headache Out Of Public Health England Screening Services
Cloud2, a Yorkshire-based Microsoft partner providing enterprise software solutions has secured its biggest contract to date with Public Health England. Public Health England is set to implement a full system that will support the National Screening Programmes carry out their quality assurance audits across all providers. The system will improve logistics for auditors attending the providers’ sites, support the pre, on-site & post audit reporting and follow up. In doing all this it will improve the efficiency of the screening audit team, provide better management information and clearer oversight. This will enable a greater a degree of mobile and paper-light working.

Public Health England recognised the need to move to a new solution when its 300+ strong team of auditors (who worked all over the UK) were struggling to share collaborate and communicate efficiently with each other within their existing systems. The needed a system that would not only help tackle these problems, but optimise their processes and provide better access to information to facilitate management and collaboration with thousands of external stakeholders, subject matter experts, observers and provider organisation staff.

Following a review of activities, the organisation uncovered the need for one centralised system which would allow for better document management, better workflows for business processes and a centralised repository of data that would tell just one story (not many that currently sat in many silos on auditor’s own computers). It emerged that the new solution would need to be implemented quickly, work with/use Microsoft technologies and look & feel user friendly: Cloud2 ticked those boxes.

A major commercial win for Cloud2, this project will bring new technological advancements to Cloud2’s solutions. The scale of the project will help PHE better schedule and manage audit visits, enable better collaboration and save time and cost. This would also mean that PHE will be able to make better decisions with management information that was not previously available to them.

Cloud2 Director, Simon Hudson, concludes, “We are delighted to be working with Public Health England on such a significant and pertinent project. This demonstrates the value Cloud2 adds to the Microsoft technologies available and our agile approach. It furthermore enables mobile and geographically independent collaboration which will help Public Health England achieve its joined up strategy”.