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Driving Patient Engagement And Satisfaction With Bar Code Technology

Driving Patient Engagement And Satisfaction With Bar Code Technology
More and more healthcare providers, regulators, and insurance providers are measuring the quality of healthcare from both the medical and patient satisfaction point of view. Patient satisfaction is an essential factor in determining how well patients react to treatment. Research has identified a clear link between patient outcomes and patient satisfaction scores. Hospitals that practice patient engagement show better patient outcomes, with fewer ER visits and hospitalizations.

Recent studies have found that hospitals need to work on improving patient engagement. When patients were asked to identify the physician in charge of their care at the time of discharge, up to 90 percent of medical inpatients were unable to correctly name their treating physician. Patient-physician communication can be challenging, but it presents a tremendous opportunity for improving patient satisfaction.

Within the scope of healthcare IT, patient engagement is driven by technology ranging from patient portals, which enable patients to make appointments, view test results and records online and communicate with doctors, to electronic data capturing platforms that result in more accurate and streamlined diagnostics.

Bar code technology plays an integral part in increasing patient satisfaction. As part of an automated EMR system, bar codes increase the accuracy of patient information throughout the healthcare enterprise. This increased accuracy leads to better treatment and fewer errors. Bar code scanners are being placed throughout hospitals to track patients, medications, tests, and more. Practitioners, pharmacists, and laboratory technicians are all using scanners to assure they have the right patient, right medication, right test, and right sample.

The features of the scanners directly affect the operator and the patient. Datalogic manufactures a line of specially designed healthcare bar code scanners that help ensure the highest care for patients. Gryphon™ Healthcare scanners are manufactured with Disinfectant-Ready enclosures and silver-ion based additives that help reduce the transmission of infection. This helps ensure that patients stay safe from Hospital Acquired Infections that may result from the patients visit. Datalogic scanners are also manufactured with the latest technology to assure fast, reliable service. This gives users confidence, knowing their scanner is going to perform smoothly and quickly at each bar code read.