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Ethigen select TranSend ePOD on Android devices for tracking pharmaceutical products

Ethigen select TranSend ePOD on Android devices for tracking pharmaceutical products
Ethigen will implement TranSend ePOD on Motorola TC55 Android Touch devices to manage all deliveries to pharmacies through their own fleet of 40 vehicles in Scotland and Northern England.

With a turnover in excess of £140 million, Ethigen Limited has established itself as one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors in the United Kingdom, supplying retail pharmacies with a twice daily delivery service in Scotland and a daily delivery service to the rest of the UK.

For regulatory control, Ethigen needed a proof of delivery system that would provide secure tracking of products, including controlled drugs, from loading onto vehicles to the point of delivery to the Pharmacies, ensuring that the right products reach the right person at the right time and to provide instant feedback on any delivery issues as they arise.

The new proof of delivery system will replace paper-based processes and enable load validation by the driver with signature capture on delivery to the pharmacist, feeding real-time data into the back office system, confirming recipient ID with time and date stamp.

Drivers will use the TranSend app to confirm their load prior to departure, sign for any controlled drugs on the load and confirm relevant delivery checks and validation from the pharmacist upon delivery. The TranSend app provides the driver with necessary prompts based on product type.

The system also manages returns by capturing release authorisation from the pharmacist and tracking items through to acceptance back at the depot, providing a complete and visible audit trail.

The TranSend web-based back office system will provide managers and customer service staff with complete visibility of all deliveries and collections using GPS tracking from the driver’s device, capturing any events and exceptions that have occurred along the route.

TranSend were able to provide us with the depth of functionality we need to manage our controlled deliveries and collections with complete visibility of goods in transit. As a growing business, TranSend enables us to better manage our delivery performance and provide a more efficient service to our customers. Being able to deploy the TranSend app on Standard Android smartphones as well as the Motorola TC55 Android devices, means that the same system can be used by our own drivers and subcontractors alike, which makes it a really flexible and cost-effective solution for our business
Martin McKean, IT Manager at Ethigen