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Digital transformation – it’s not just for alien robots!

Digital transformation – it’s not just for alien robots!
Business Computer Projects (BCP) has published a white paper on digital transformation to help wholesalers overcome the challenges which may be holding them back.

BCP, who have been supplying software solutions to the wholesale sector for over 35 years, understand it’s been a challenging time for the sector recently. Technology is continuing to advance at alarming speed in an effort to meet customer demands for convenience and efficiency and it’s clear to see from emerging trends that the sector is moving towards digital data and enhanced business agility. Whether it is through automation and artificial intelligence remains to be seen. But for now, BCP is advising wholesalers to have the basic digital platforms in place now, to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

Digital platforms such as ecommerce, customer self-service portals, mobile responsive websites and apps are helping businesses across the country streamline operations, reduce overhead costs and increase revenue. Yet despite these tangible benefits, BCP continue to see wholesalers, distributors and food service businesses fail to take advantage of the business opportunities which digital platforms provide, mostly because there a number of perceived challenges to implementing a digital transformation which are holding them back.

As a result BCP has published a whitepaper titled “Digital transformation: a guide to helping wholesalers, distributors and food services businesses successfully trade online” in an effort to address these fears and to promote the long term benefits which digital platforms provide. It includes practical guidance on what digital transformation means, how to manage issues such as cost and integration, tips to future proof a digital transformation and a handy checklist for selecting the right technology partners.

It has been purposely written to address the unique digital needs of wholesalers, distributors and food services businesses. Useful examples of emerging consumer trends, based on BCPs own research and wider sector statistics, are included throughout to demonstrate how digital platforms are having a profound impact on the ways wholesale customers now interact with suppliers.

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