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Microlise Wins Bake Off at Roberts Bakery

Microlise Wins Bake Off at Roberts Bakery
Following a competitive tender, the Microlise transport management solution has been deployed by Roberts Bakery. Via its 90-strong fleet, the family-run bakery brand delivers 3.5 million loaves of high quality bread, bread rolls and other baked goods each week across the UK.

The implementation of Microlise Fleet Performance and Journey Management solutions on all vehicles will help Roberts Bakery to reduce costs and the environmental impact of its fleet operation. A target of over 10% cost reduction has been set, which will be achieved through improved driver performance and journey execution efficiency.

The Microlise Fleet Performance provision will enable bakery managers to monitor driver performance through an A to G rating system. This can then be assessed and compared via league tables on criteria such as idling, acceleration, braking, cornering, cruise control usage and speed. These findings will enable individual driver training to be targeted most effectively.

Microlise Journey Management is also being installed across the fleet. It allows the transport office and customer service users to monitor the status of trips against schedule, in real-time, as the route unfolds - facilitating the delivery of proactive customer service. It also improves planning through "planned vs actual" route comparison.

The Microlise Remote Digital Tachograph Download module is also being deployed to enable Roberts Bakery to easily and transparently manage its drivers’ hours compliance whilst reducing administration time.

Mark Owen, Logistics Director at Roberts Bakery, said: “The baking industry has very specific needs – primarily getting our product from the oven to the shelf quickly and in the most efficient way. Microlise is helping us to achieve this by reducing our fuel consumption and decreasing our environmental footprint - both of which are hugely important to us as a business. Microlise also helps underpin our commitment to delivering the very highest levels of customer service across the board.”

Nadeem Raza, Chief Executive Officer of Microlise, said: “We are delighted to have been able to provide Roberts Bakery with a transport and logistics solution that meets its requirements. It’s encouraging to be working with a brand such as Roberts Bakery, which has an illustrious and long history, leading through its implementation of the most innovative technologies.”