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KMS launches revolutionary safety device at global consumer tech show

KMS launches revolutionary safety device at global consumer tech show
KMS Solutions has launched a prototype of its pioneering wearable safety device at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas.

Based in The Landing at MediaCityUK, KMS was set up by Chris Etchells and Louis-James Davis. Working with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester, they have developed an emergency communications wristband for children and vulnerable adults which uses GSM cellular and assisted GPS technology.

Chris’ professional experience working with vulnerable adults prompted him to identify a gap in the market for a wearable emergency contact device to promote safety and wellbeing. In the US alone a staggering 800,000 children are reported missing each year* therefore KMS believes the product could play a key role in tackling this issue.

A first in the market, the wristband prototype will be showcased in the ‘Mommy Tech’ section of CES 2014 and enables the wearer to call one of five predefined carers using a one-click call button. Parents, guardians or carers can use a smart device or web app to track the whereabouts of the wearer using assisted GPS technology. The device also allows predefined travel routes and out of bounds areas to be set, using geo-fencing technology.

Chris’ experience in the care sector is complemented by Louis-James’ expertise as an adept technology innovator, following his development of the world’s first digital interactive game for children using synthetic lighting. KMS was established in 2012 and moved to The Landing in October 2013 to benefit from being part of a community of visionary digital and technology specialists. The organisation has recently further expanded with the appointment of John Hearns to the board overseeing operations and Emmet Memery as a strategic advisor.

Commenting on the product, Chris Etchells, a director at KMS, said: “I was keen to develop the concept of a numberless phone for vulnerable people and, as a father of two, realised the benefits of the product to parents and carers of young children.

“With wireless charging and VCode identity scanning for emergency contact information, the discreet wristband not only allows effective communication but also acts as a tracking device. It has considerable benefits, from helping to ensure safety on the school run to enabling a vulnerable adult to feel secure.”

The launch of the KMS wristband will also incorporate the first commercial deployment of VST Enterprises, another Landing tenant, and also founded by Louis-James Davis, who has recently been appointed as Digital, Creative and Healthcare Technology Ambassador for the Fast Forward Funding Programme at Manchester Metropolitan University. VCode enables one click digital and monetary transactions via an revolutionary 2D barcode. Its application to the wristband provides one click access to emergency contact and or medical information about the wearer.

The wristband’s development has seen the miniaturisation of existing GSM and GPS technology, with added selling points such as a carer only call end function, low battery alerts and the ability to bypass answer phones until a carer answers.

Ann Darby, Director of Strategic Partnerships at The Landing, added: “KMS is a real exemplar when it comes to innovation. It’s great to see the team’s collaboration with the University of Manchester and their commitment to using emerging technology to develop a market first in digital health.

“We have worked closely with the team to ensure they benefit from a highly connected business environment to help them access the support and expertise required to take their product to market. We wish them every success at the global summit in Vegas.”

Following CES 2014, KMS aims to move into the second phase of product development by refining the prototype, with a view to taking the wristband to market later in 2014.

*Sourced from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children