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Vantage Power Takes Cloud on the Road with Infor

Vantage Power Takes Cloud on the Road with Infor
Retrofit hybrid engine provider Vantage Power, has successfully deployed Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial. Implemented by Infor partner Inforlogic, the cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) application “is expected to improve visibility throughout the supply chain, enhancing procurement as Vantage enters a stage of aggressive growth”. Infor CloudSuite Industrial is also expected to improve financial reporting and enable off site access to critical production and financial information.

Based in West London, Vantage Power (VP) manufactures complete hybrid powertrains that are retrofitted to buses already on the road. By adding remote telemetry capabilities to the hybrid engine, Vantage offers customers a combination of live performance data to enable enhanced fleet management and maintenance as well as better fuel economy and reduced emissions. Following a three-year period of intensive research and development, VP now sells its engines commercially and as a result, says it has entered a period of rapid growth.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial was chosen because of the strong manufacturing functionality of the application and the expertise demonstrated by both Infor and Inforlogic. As a ‘disruptive engineering’ company, VP took the decision to look solely at cloud-based applications. This was based on the ease of management offered by cloud technology, in particular that cloud would mean VP was always on the latest versions of the software, and that Infor would ensure security and reliable off-site access to the application.

“As a young engineering company, we are in an excellent position to get the most out of the cloud,” said Alex Schey, CEO of VP. “In the first instance that means better visibility as we implement the ERP. That insight into our operations will quickly evolve as we develop new versions of the powertrains and increase our customer base, which mean we will need to have the latest functionality to help us stay on top of our dynamic supply chain. Looking further to the future, we plan to take the data from our powertrains and feed that into the ERP so we can proactively maintain the units, and offer a cost-effective and complete managed service to our customers. Cloud will be at the heart of making all of this happen.”