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MyMiX: Engaging and involving drivers to encourage better driving performance

MyMiX: Engaging and involving drivers to encourage better driving performance
MiX Telematics is strengthening its MiX Fleet Manager solution with the addition of MyMiX – an innovative driver engagement platform that further enables its customers to run safer and more efficient fleet operations. MyMiX provides professional drivers with easy 24-hour access, via the web or a mobile device, to key information about their performance – no matter the industry in which they operate. Driver scoring is the first module available on MyMiX, which boasts a sleek, engaging and user-friendly interface accessible from iOS or Android mobile devices.

“For successful fleet operators, it’s no secret: engaged drivers mean better business," says Steve Coffin, Marketing and Operations Director for MiX Telematics Europe. "MyMiX is yet another way we’re helping our customers cultivate a culture of safer driving, which ultimately leads to more efficient fleet operations.

"That's because drivers are at the centre of a fleet operation and have a direct impact on the business and environment – from fuel consumption and carbon emissions, to customer service and road safety. Getting drivers proactively involved in a continuous improvement process boosts accountability and delivers tangible business benefit. "

MyMiX is available to all customers and provides drivers with daily and weekly scores as well as six-month trends. Drivers can also drill down and view significant driving events on a map – such as harsh braking or speeding incidents. The app also allows drivers to see how they rank compared to site and organisation averages, while being able to view data and scores across all the vehicles they have used.

MyMiX was trialed in the UK by Cardiff Bus, a long-standing MiX Telematics customer. The trial showed that giving drivers access to their performance data at their own convenience is an ideal way of sharing important information without exerting undue pressure on individuals. MiX Telematics is keen to help customers globally realise similar benefits through the adoption of MyMiX.

“We’re proud to further enhance our MiX Fleet Manager offering, and feel confident in saying that tools like MyMiX are the way of the future for fleet operators who are serious about safety and efficiency,” concludes Steve Coffin.