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Colo21 Now Offers Real-Time Tracking, Scan-on-Delivery and POD Management for Free

Colo21 Now Offers Real-Time Tracking, Scan-on-Delivery and POD Management for Free
Transport companies are from now on able to take advantage of this innovative smartphone app without any fixed or variable costs
ColoTrace brings full transparency to supply chains with GPS-tracking, scanning, documentation of damages – all available on-line within seconds

The use of ColoTrace, a smartphone app developed by Colo21 providing real-time tracking and POD management is from now available free of charge. Normally end-to-end-solutions for track and trace and POD management are connected to huge investments and therefore are usually only offered by large haulage groups or corporations. With ColoTrace small and medium-sized transport companies can offer the same competitive services but without having to invest in IT software or expensive PDA’s for the drivers. „The reason for developing ColoTrace was not to make a lot of money out of it but to create a tool for every transport company which enhances quality and makes the supply chain transparent “, says Jörg Frommeyer, CEO of Colo21 AG. „Of course ColoTrace is also a very useful and important tool for E-Groupage, our European co-loading platform for groupage shipments. Additionally we are convinced that offering ColoTrace for free can improve quality and transparency in the whole industry and create a new standard.“

Drivers can download the ColoTrace app on their smart phones within minutes allowing them to scan shipments and documents which under their responsibility. Next, the dispatcher is able to track and trace the whole transport route on-line and in near-real time via the GPS tracking signal sent by the driver’s mobile. Transporters and forwarders can share documentation with their shippers who can follow their goods and see shipment updates at any time. All stages of the transport process are visible on the ColoTrace platform including arrival of goods to the partner providing the final-mile distribution and final delivery to the consignee. Electronic, instant POD-management works in the same way. The driver just takes a picture of the signed POD by the consignee and then uploads it to the platform. „This unique feature of ColoTrace allows distribution providers to easily and safely confirm that their job has been done properly while simultaneously providing shippers with the POD they need for billing the goods“, Frommeyer says. Moreover the app automatically uploads pictures taken by the driver to prove that the goods are delivered without damages.

Using ColoTrace is possible within minutes. All dispatchers have to do to get access is register online at and then they will receive a secured password to the system. Drivers only need to download the Colo21mobile™ app through Google Play Store or through After scanning the app code shown on the homepage of Colo21 the application is automatically downloaded to any smartphone with android 4.0 or higher. Directly after installing the software the driver is ready to receive transport orders from his dispatcher, scan shipments making them traceable and then finally take a picture of the POD and upload it to the COLO21 platform.