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Piper Aircraft Gains Truer Cost Measurement with Infor LN

Piper Aircraft Gains Truer Cost Measurement with Infor LN
Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that Piper Aircraft has selected Infor LN to bolster capabilities within supply chain, engineering and accounting management. As a manufacturer of efficient and reliable single and twin-engine products, Piper Aircraft chose Infor LN for its ability to meet existing needs while also growing the overall IT infrastructure.

Infor LN offers a broad base of functionality to help Piper Aircraft manage applications including warehousing, product lifecycle management, financial accounting and manufacturing execution. The latest version of Infor LN is a forward-thinking, flexible solution, capable of achieving concurrent growth alongside Piper Aircraft.

News Points
  • Infor LN provides Piper Aircraft with a robust financial accounting package, capable of determining the truer cost measurement for aircraft planning. Users are able to make better business decisions through easier access to financial data and planning tools. 
  • Piper Aircraft identified Infor LN as the most robust manufacturing solution amongst current market competitors. Infor LN provides an open architecture middleware that leaves room for future growth without the concern of proprietary data obstacles. 
  • Piper Aircraft is to obtain better control over engineering, manufacturing and purchasing. The unified ERP allows for easier configuration, eliminating the need for individual upgrades and subsequent testing. 
  • With automated data archiving and reporting, Infor LN will also provide Piper Aircraft with a consolidated source of information to more easily document work processes and obtain industry certifications.