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Ontic Chooses B&H Worldwide For Inventory Management

Ontic Chooses B&H Worldwide For Inventory Management
Aerospace logistics provider B&H Worldwide has been appointed by Ontic, a wholly owned subsidiary of BBA Aviation plc, as its specialist warehouse and inventory management company for worldwide Ontic-owned AOG support assets.

A B&H dedicated, climate-controlled facility at Heathrow will act as principal service centre with a central store providing a 24/7/365 operation. All items that form part of the inventory are produced by Ontic, a leading manufacturer or OEM-licenced parts, which also provides MRO services for legacy aerospace platforms from facilities around the globe.

The facility’s close proximity to London Heathrow with its unparalleled range of international destinations makes it an ideal place to locate the centre.

All shipments from Heathrow will be coordinated through B&H’s unique OnTrack web portal where customers can login to have their parts despatched - with full instructions - at any hour of the day or night. Parts are received at B&H’s Heathrow facility from all over the world with many being integral elements of the exchange programme Ontic operates with its customers. From there the logged-in customer has a choice of how the items are received, can see where the stock is, what the stock levels are and see photos of it. Once the required item is selected he can complete the whole process via OnTrack.

In addition to providing the global inventory service B&H is also able to act as a fulfilment centre for delivery of AOG freight shipments where required by Ontic.

Established in 1988 in the UK, B&H Worldwide is a market leader in the highly specialist aerospace parts industry.

ONTIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of BBA Aviation plc, with over 40 years of aerospace product manufacturing and aftermarket support experience. Ontic provides FAA, CAAS, CAAC, EASA part 21 and 145 OEM support, including new and serviceable spares and repairs for over 4,500 maturing aircraft parts.