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Streamliner Software Connecting 90 Airlines With Paperless Package

Streamliner Software Connecting 90 Airlines With Paperless Package
Stream Software’s customers can now prepare their paper and/or electronic Air Waybills (e-AWBs) efficiently within their operational software and transfer data instantly.

Streamliner supports fully paperless air cargo shipments, e-manifests, and enables users to get savings from reduced airline manual processing fees while gaining full electronic tracking so shipments no longer have to be checked manually.

“Stream Software aims to integrate with leading platforms to provide our customers with options to streamline their daily operations,”
said Koen Meyskens, Senior Project Manager, Stream Software.

“The integration with the Worldwide Information Network (WIN) upholds the quality standards we have set for our integration partners.

“During the implementation WIN has proven to be a reliable partner we can recommend to our customers.”

WIN is an online platform for independent freight forwarders to connect with partner agents, airlines, container lines, and other logistics service providers for secure, digital, shipment-level collaboration in the cloud.

WIN’s online collaboration platform for freight forwarders is used by agents in 111 countries and 450 cities.