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Fresh Tracking Facilities For American Airlines Cargo

Fresh Tracking Facilities For American Airlines Cargo
American Airlines Cargo has introduced new redesigned tracking functionalities on its website. Developed to increase visibility into the entire shipping process and offer a more customized experience, the enhanced tracking capabilities are intended to improve shipment visibility for all customers from booking to delivery.

The enhanced features include: Live “at-a-glance” status updates via colour-coded progress bars; Detailed flight, AWB and Customs information; Simple access and navigation to shipping history and added sorting and viewing capabilities for logged-in users.

Logged-in users can also sort their shipments by origin and destination, which American says gives them the ability to quickly simplify and consolidate the information displayed on their screens.

“We gathered feedback from our customers on the tracking process and used that valuable information to make needed changes—overall it’s just a simpler and more user-friendly experience,” said Eric Mathieu, Cargo’s director of Customer Experience. “Our customers wanted better organization, increased transparency into their flights and shipments, and real-time updates from point A to point B. This is a much easier tool to use. Now, our website contains all of these enhanced functionalities and more.”

American plans to continue to improve the Cargo customer experience this year with continued global implementation of electronic AWBs (eAWBs), investment in new technology and warehouse equipment, warehouse facility upgrades, and the addition of more ExpediteTC and perishable coolers at major Cargo destinations worldwide.