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Citizen CL S700 meets labelling challenge for Virgin Atlantic

Citizen CL S700 meets labelling challenge for Virgin Atlantic
Citizen Systems Europe has provided a printing solution to Virgin Atlantic that is enabling speedy output on a range of challenging media. The versatile Citizen CL S700 is producing high volumes of labels on three types of media quickly, simply and cost effectively within one of the company’s busiest operations.

Virgin Atlantic required a label printer to print label racking, items and storage boxes for a busy stores environment within the maintenance/service depot in its hangar at Heathrow. The British airline required a printer that was able to print high quality labels quickly and clearly so that required parts could be swiftly sourced and supplied to engineers.

The media required for label printing made the specification especially challenging. Virgin’s Heathrow hangar required extremely robust, metallic labelling in order to survive the demanding storage environment without deterioration. Also, part names needed to be printed on labels with exceptional clarity to ensure the correct parts could be easily identified and provided to engineers, therefore minimising time being wasted by staff having to return to the stores to correct wrongly supplied parts.

To meet these needs, Code Red Distribution – one of the UK's foremost distributors of barcode hardware and solutions - suggested the Citizen CL S700, which excels in printing on non-standard media. “Key to the suitability of the Citizen CL S700 in this application was also the fact that it is exceptionally robust and reliable, with a two-year warranty as standard, in any environment,” explained James Bundock, Sales Manager at Code Red. “With three different types of labels to be printed at the Heathrow depot there are plenty of media changes but because the CL S700 uses gravity not springs, media changes are quick and easy. Springs have a short lifespan - and in cases where media changes are frequent can become bent and worn out quickly - but gravity is warrantied for eternity!”

The CL S700 also prints at 12ips, which was more than fast enough for Virgin Atlantic’s Heathrow depot, while the ARCP automatic tension system ensures that the tension of the ribbon remains constant throughout its use and ensures ribbon wrinkle and media slippage are eliminated.

With all of the standard operations accessible from the front of the printer, the CL S700 has been designed for easy front loading of media and simple maintenance operation. The CL S700 printer proved to be an excellent printer for this application, with the capability to produce high volumes of labels on three types of media quickly, simply and cost effectively.

“The labels are robust, thick and metallic to survive the demanding environment without deterioration,” explained Danielle George, Buyer, Engineering Supply Chain, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. “The CL S700 was also ideal because it has a small footprint. In Heathrow Airport - one of the most expensive areas of Britain – space is at an absolute premium but the CL S700 has a small footprint that does not expand when the lid is opened to change media or ribbons. Following the success of the Citizen CL S700, Virgin Atlantic is considering the purchase of further units for other stores at our airports.”