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omNovos Announces Acquisition of Inventory Management Solution OptiView

omNovos Announces Acquisition of Inventory Management Solution OptiView
omNovos, a global leader in omnichannel customer engagement solutions, announced today that it has acquired Vancouver-based inventory management solution OptiView. The purchase of OptiView not only adds new functionality to the omNovos solution, but also brings significant additional product development, inventory management, and warehouse management expertise to the omNovos team.

omNovos—formed in 2015 by sister company DataKinetics, the world’s leading provider of Data Performance and Optimization Solutions— offers global retailers a complete portfolio of products designed to enable retailers to engage their customers in a fully bi-modal manner, activating Online, In-App, and In-Store interactions to personalize every aspect of a customer’s shopping experience. A comprehensive suite of professional services enable the rapid integration and implementation of all systems.

“OptiView is the perfect complement to our portfolio,” commented Allan Zander, CEO of omNovos. “One of the biggest challenges facing retailers in their personalization initiatives is fear - the fear of making a unique offer to a valued client and not being able to fulfill at the customer’s location of choice – or at all. The integration of OptiView’s technology with our PACE customer engagement platform and the omNovos Customer Data Platform (CDP) will ensure that retailers will never again make an offer they can’t fulfill.”

Michael Blanchet, founder of OptiView, added, “We are proud to join the omNovos family. The integration of these two world-class platforms provides the retail industry with the only fully-integrated customer engagement platform and inventory management system. This is truly unique.”

“With complete visibility into inventory – in-store, in-transit, in-warehouse – we’ve given the retailer’s marketing and merchandising teams the confidence to actively engage customers through personalized communications such as special offers, recommendations, rewards, discounts, and many other communications,” said Andrew Armstrong, Chief Customer Officer at omNovos. This acquisition will change the way vendors think of personalization offerings“.

omNovos boasts an impressive group of professionals, including data connectivity experts, marketing automation professionals, world-class support personnel, and senior application developers—all to further extend the parent company DataKinetics’ data expertise and offerings from the global financial market to the world of retail companies.