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E.Leclerc automates their Gellainville warehouse with a CMC CartonWrap

E.Leclerc automates their Gellainville warehouse with a CMC CartonWrap
Logilec, the company founded in 1996 to optimize the supply chain and despatch of orders of the French hypermarket chain E.Leclerc, has successfully installed a CMC CartonWrap in one of their sites in Gellainville.

Since the group adopted a multichannel strategy in 2016, they have implemented different websites to help consumers find exactly what they want with a well organized and efficient shopping experience: parapharmacie.leclerc for para-pharmaceutical products, sport.leclerc (sport clothing and accessories), macave.leclerc (wines, champagne and spirits) and lastly cultre.leclerc (cultural products) in 2017. Today Logilec is a front line player in the e-logistic of E. Leclerc and works intensively to guarantee for the company, sustainable development, efficient logistics and energy saving.

Cyril Baumann, Head of the Logistics Development at E.Leclerc explained :” In our e-logistic business we seasonally experience production peaks, mainly at the end of the year. Our implemented manual packing process not only was labour intensive but turned out to be the real bottleneck to growth by limiting the output. In addition we were struggling to manage the large range of folding cartons needed to pack our growing variety of SKUs and order sizes. Thus we realized that automation could become our performance lever” . Mr.Baumann continued “ Finding the right equipment required an assessment of our entire packaging; we were looking at a fully automatic and scalable auto-packing solution capable to save cardboard costs while improving product safety during transportation with more consistent finished packages. “

During the assessment process CMC and their French partner ABI Graphique offered best in class consultancy across a range of key factors and responded effectively with their specific requirements and targets. Logilec unhesitatingly opted for the CMC CartonWrap, the only 3D auto packer that can adapt the orders to less than 5 cm high boxes. The majority of our orders consists in books, DVD and games, so thin items, and eliminating empty space and void fill when packing was a key driver. Furthermore, with a yield of 1.000 boxes our company can anticipate the peaks of Black Friday and Christmas with the efficiency and scaleability we need”

Francesco Ponti, CMC’s CEO said “ The e-commerce industry in France has increased by a 13.4% last year. We have a pledge to support French retailers and 3PL’s with our picking and packing automation to help them retain their customers with sustainable and customized packaging. E.Leclerc is a significant player in the French market and we are thrilled to cooperate with Logilec in a common roadmap to continuously improve logistic efficiency and costs”

Currently the CMC CartonWrap is installed in Gellainville and processed mainly cultural and para-pharmaceutical products. Just on this site, E.Leclerc have anticipated a, expected volume of 20.000 shipments a day for the next Black Friday and Christmas peak.

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