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6 River Systems Is First Collaborative Robot Solution to Fulfill 1 Million Units in a Week

6 River Systems Is First Collaborative Robot Solution to Fulfill 1 Million Units in a Week
6 River Systems, Inc. (“6RS”), the world’s leading collaborative fulfillment solution, helped warehouses across the country fulfill a million units in the days following Black Friday — making 6RS the first collaborative robotics fulfillment solution to achieve this milestone. Since announcing general availability in April 2017, 6RS has deployed its robotics solution at 25 sites.

“This is a huge win not just for our customers, but for the entire collaborative robotics industry,” Jerome Dubois, co-founder and Co-CEO of 6RS said. “Logistics leaders have new options for automation. They don’t have to settle for traditional automation that is clunky, non-scalable and expensive.”

The 6RS solution is powered by robots called “Chucks” and cloud-based software. The Chucks communicate with the software to coordinate all the tasks on warehouse floors. The result? A fleet of Chucks working seamlessly and collaboratively with associates to eliminate long walks, reduce in-aisle walking and speed up warehouse tasks, including put-away, picking, replenishment and sorting.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales consistently growing year-over-year (American shoppers spent a record $7.9 billion on Cyber Monday this year), and continued labor shortages in fulfillment, 6RS ensured its customer base, which includes the world’s largest third-party logistics providers, leading retailers and high-tech manufacturers, was prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday spikes.

One of 6RS’ customers is ACT Fulfillment, which provides wholesale, retail, and ecommerce fulfillment as well as value added services for major fashion brands. “We had confidence in the 6 River Systems solution for our peak, thanks largely to the continued improvement in their solution,” ACT Fulfillment’s Industrial Engineer Ryan Cox said. “We knew we were in good hands come time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”

In addition to prepping sites for peak, 6 River Systems has been busy filling out its leadership team, including hiring VP of Sales Chris Lingamfelter and CFO Scott Ward, readying for its European general availability and doubling its engineering capacity in the last year.

Companies redefining fulfillment with 6 River Systems
Companies big and small are fed up with traditional warehouse automation options and are hungry for more flexible solutions that can get to work quicker. The following businesses are just a few of the new companies that have joined the 6RS global fulfillment network:

Healing Hands
Healing Hands develops and produces fashionable scrubs for nurses, woven to provide ultimate comfort and long-lasting performance. The business has more than 8,000 SKUs and a million units in its new 60,000 sq ft warehouse in East Rutherford, NJ. Initially the company looked at traditional warehouse automation but after doing some research decided that 6 River Systems collaborative robots best suited their business needs. The team plans to use the robots to achieve their goal of same-day shipping.

CSAT Solutions LP
CSAT Solutions is a Dell EMC Services Partner. CSAT Solutions was recently recognized by Dell EMC at the annual SDS Service Partner Forum, where they were granted the Global Service Parts Partner Excellence award for 2018. By incorporating Chuck robots within the CSAT parts warehouse and part fulfillment area, CSAT has doubled productivity by significantly reducing the use of manual cart picking.