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Streamlining Ordering Process with the Help of Inventory Management Techniques

Streamlining Ordering Process with the Help of Inventory Management Techniques
Quantzig, a pure-play analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest study on inventory management techniques for a multinational manufacturing firm. The client is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the world with an annual revenue of more than $52 billion. Based out of the United States, the client was facing challenges in meeting customers’ demands from various geographical locations. The foremost aim of the company was to figure out the inventory needed to meet the customers’ requirement. Also, they wanted to reorder their supplies to meet the minimum levels and gain a better control over the inventory management process.

Manufacturing companies operate in a highly competitive marketspace and play a critical role in shaping the global economy. However, being a high-profit margin sector, many new enterprises are predicted to enter the market, making it difficult for manufacturing companies to sustain profitability. This makes it extremely crucial for the companies to innovate products, make profits, and ensure cost competitiveness. Inventory management techniques help in doing so by tracking the worth of a company’s assets. They also analyze business’ inventory demands and automate the ordering process to reduce instances of deadstock, spoilage, and storage costs.

“Inventory management techniques can help businesses to function smoothly by categorizing, reconciling, planning, and updating inventory on a regular basis,” says an industry expert from Quantzig.

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Quantzig's inventory management techniques helped the client to predict the demands of the customers and retain the required quantities of products on hand to avoid out-of-stock issues. Moreover, with the aid of Quantzig’s inventory management solution, the client reordered its supplies and gained a better control over their inventory management process. This helped the client to lower the cost of inventory and maximize supply chain productivity in a timely manner.

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Quantzig’s inventory management solution helped the client to:
  • Lower the cost of inventory. 
  • Implement an efficient inventory management system. 
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The inventory management techniques offered predictive insights on:
  • Analyzing the demands of the customers. 
  • Maximizing supply chain productivity in a timely manner. 
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