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HYDAC and inconso Expand Cooperation

HYDAC and inconso Expand Cooperation
HYDAC, the hydraulics specialist headquartered in Sulzbach/Saar, Germany, is continuing its long-standing partnership with inconso, the logistics software specialist. The independent subsidiary HYDAC Technology GmbH is also relying on the SAP LES warehouse management system during the go-live of the new warehouse complex for storage technologies. inconso AG first implemented this solution in 2013 for the site in Dudweiler, Saarland.

In Sulzbach, SAP LES enables fully integrated goods control. inconso AG connected it to an automatic pallet warehouse, which has three work areas for putaway and picking. In addition, an external material flow control (MFC) and system extensions for improved goods tracking, e.g. via a number-based dashboard and the modification of workstation dialogs through visual features, were integrated.

In the meantime, collaboration continues. In the global company group, HYDAC Technology GmbH relies on a holistic product portfolio of bladder, piston, membrane and steel bellows accumulators, which are still manufactured in-house. Additional functions for efficient product planning and control in SAP LES have already been implemented at other locations in Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and Slovakia. As a strategic IT service provider, inconso AG is also responsible for system maintenance.