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‘Power Buy the Hour’ mobile app launched for game changing range of Jungheinrich rental packages

‘Power Buy the Hour’ mobile app launched for game changing range of Jungheinrich rental packages
Jungheinrich UK has announced the launch of its ‘Power Buy the Hour’ mobile app, now available to download for Android and iOS. Designed to complement the Jungheinrich range of innovative Power Buy the Hour rental packages, the app will provide customers with telematics data from their fleet for detailed insight at their fingertips and in real time.

The launch of Power Buy the Hour last year represented a completely new lifting ‘as a service’ approach to IC engine forklift rental contracts of 12 months or more. Telematics data is monitored to ensure customers only pay for the hours a truck is in use as opposed to the hours it is on site, which can now be further utilised through the new Power Buy the Hour mobile app.

With access to the data, organisations can benefit from complete visibility of each truck, achieving greater control and insight in line with the business’s individual requirements; vehicle information is available around the clock, including usage data, warning alerts, when the trucks are being used and how, while added GPS information provides an increased level of security, as trucks can be located on a map and quickly recovered should they appear in an unexpected location.

The use of telematics also creates a huge data pool around how the trucks are used. Analysing this data via the app allows for preventative maintenance programmes to be implemented, so the vehicle can trigger repair work as required, rather than time-based schedules or arranging unnecessary maintenance. This results in minimal downtime for the customer and avoids disruptive failures or outages.

Neil Warren, Sales Management Director, Jungheinrich UK, explains: “Power Buy the Hour rental packages were launched in response to extensive research into the forklift truck rental market, which suggests forklift rental has fallen short of evolving in line with customers’ changing needs. Influenced by a raft of challenges from political and economic uncertainty to rising customer expectations, businesses now require a far more flexible approach to truck rental, and to accommodate this 76% of respondents answered that they would be interested in a rental model that charged for truck usage based on the hours used rather than a fixed term agreement.*

“The introduction of Power Buy the Hour represents Jungheinrich’s commitment to meet the changing needs of our customers, while the launch of the Power Buy the Hour mobile app was born from our passion to exceed them. In utilising telematics data to provide more flexible and fair rental options, this prompted Jungheinrich UK to explore ways the model could be taken one step further, making fleets smarter with a greater level of visibility and control over operation, security and maintenance.”

Power Buy the Hour rental packages provide customers requiring IC engine forklift rental contracts of 12 months or more with the scope to more easily move up and down price bands as their requirements change. Customers simply select a truck, the application on site and a package of usage hours suitable at the time of purchase, but in the knowledge there is scope to easily move up and down hour bands as requirements invariably change. Trucks can also be returned at any point during the 12 months, the only obligation is to the hour package initially bought.

Customers using Power Buy the Hour can go on to download the mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App store. For more information about the Jungheinrich Power Buy the Hour mobile app, visit www.jungheinrich.co.uk or view a tour of the app at youtu.be/OF7FgznP9ko

*Redefining Rental for Materials Handling Equipment is based upon research conducted by Sapio Research sponsored by Jungheinrich UK, comprising findings from 300 interviews with individuals responsible for forklift trucks in organisations that used them on a short term rental basis. To read the full white paper, visit: go.jungheinrich.co.uk/rental-whitepaper