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Ferros Puig Stores and Transports with Software from inconso

Ferros Puig Stores and Transports with Software from inconso
Ferros Puig, an esteemed retailer of high-quality steel and iron products located in the Catalan Fornells de la Selva, Spain, relies on the warehouse and transport logistics systems from the logistics software specialist inconso. The company has commissioned comprehensive optimization measures for warehouse and transport management. Once they have been implemented, Ferros Puig will be able to rely on efficient processes from goods receiving through to goods issue.

The subsidiary of the Puig Infante Group, established in 1869, encompasses an extensive assortment of products for construction and industry needs, which is subject to high fluctuations in size and quantity. Against this background, the installation of a system landscape for cross-site goods management will take place at the sites Fornells de la Selva and Mollet del Vallès (near Barcelona). In the future, Ferros Puig will complete all processes from goods receiving through to customer deliveries and even picking via a bridge crane using the warehouse management system inconsoWMS S and the transport management system inconsoTMS.

In order to have other, additional functions available for shipment tracking (i.e. tracking and tracing) along the entire transport and supply chain, Ferros Puig has also chosen to include inconsoPOD (Proof of Delivery). The cloud solution enables drivers to transmit all outbound delivery activities with an app. The data from inconsoTMS is made available in real time for continuous stock management in inconsoWMS S, providing Ferros Puig with a detailed view of all goods movements.

Moreover, inconso will supply the complete server infrastructure as well as mobile end devices and printers that go live with the software landscape in October 2017.

For more information about Ferros Puig see www.ferrospuig.com