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Iptor announces new voice-activated Order Management Solution

Iptor announces new voice-activated Order Management Solution
Iptor Supply Chain Systems, a leader in supply chain management, planning and logistics software today announced a new technology solution, developed with HARMAN, which enables its customers to benefit from cognitive applications and voice recognition technologies.

The technology is currently being showcased at Iptor’s global series of “Connect” events and follows the recent announcement of the launch and worldwide general availability of Iptor DC1 Version 10, their flagship ERP solution, which is focused on connectivity, usability and mobility. The voice-activated order management solution - so far only available on DC1 Version 10 - is a result of a global hackathon between the two companies and is powered by HARMAN’s voice-assisted BOT framework based on the Microsoft stack using the new Iptor aperīo Open API framework. The collaboration represents the first steps in exposing different business process within Iptor solutions to the benefits of cognitive technologies.

“This new solution gives us the power to elevate our customer experience with voice-assisted interaction,” said Christopher Catterfeld, Iptor’s chief marketing and product officer, “Bringing these types of consumer technologies to the enterprise space is essential to help businesses compete in a highly competitive, fast moving market. It will enable customers to access the rich functionality of DC1 Version 10 using voice commands to place orders and track deliveries, ensuring they fully benefit from the solution and its connected ecosystem.”

“We’re delighted that Iptor, a leader in Supply Chain Management, leveraged our technology for this new solution,”
said Sandeep Kalra, SVP and GM, HARMAN. “At HARMAN, we pride ourselves on simplifying enterprise business processes with conversational and cognitive technologies. Our voice-assisted BOT framework, integrates cognitive interfaces with existing digital platforms making them a truly conversational enterprise.”