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Voice directed / speech recognition, hands-free warehouse and distribution center computing, voice in the warehouse, voice technology and voice systems. Voice Directed Picking and Voice-enabled workers wear a headset connected to a small wearable computer.

Official Brazil Provider Named For Ehrhardt + Partners’ Lydia

Official Brazil Provider Named For Ehrhardt + Partners’ Lydia
Store Automação is to be the official provider of Lydia®Voice solutions in Brazil. The company has operated in Brazil for 25 years, and develops software solutions for the logistics sector. It will be partnering with warehouse expert group Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions (EPS).

At present, Store Automação is providing voice solutions to two customers. One of whom, a smartphone manufacturer, uses the voice solution with its own smartphone.

“We are pleased to offer this new voice solution to our customers. One of our customers wanted a new warehouse management system that they could use with their smartphones manufactured here in Brazil. The Lydia® system is the perfect fit,” said Wagner Tadeu Rodrigues, President, Store Automação.

“Lydia®Voice is based on the most up-to-date voice recognition technology, and as a result it does not require individual voice templates for each user. Any speaker, regardless of dialect or accent, will be recognised without prior speech training. Multiple languages can also be used within the same application. Naturally, this improves the supply chain process, allowing warehouse employees to be productive within minutes of using Lydia®,” he said.

To introduce customers to voice software, Store Automação has run a number of workshops to discuss the benefits of this solution for customers. The company will host another workshop for new and existing customers on 21 September.

As a speech-based system, Lydia® frees the user from unnecessary work steps, e.g. the handling of picking lists or barcode scanners. The written instructions on paper or on screen are replaced by spoken work directions via the headset. The normal data input is not done by keyboard or scanner, but by an integrated microphone receiving the user’s spoken words. Increased picking accuracy and productivity through hands-free/eyes-free operations allows for increased job focus.