Voice Technology

Voice directed / speech recognition, hands-free warehouse and distribution center computing, voice in the warehouse, voice technology and voice systems. Voice Directed Picking and Voice-enabled workers wear a headset connected to a small wearable computer.

Smart Watch increases warehouse efficiency

Smart Watch increases  warehouse efficiency
From now on topsystem adds Lydia Smart Watch to its Voice product line. The previously speech-controlled picking solution has been expanded to include the visual display of item information carried on the wrist of the user. This improves significantly the ergonomics of the work process for the warehouse employees. Smart Watch also improves the quality of the picking process: The display of the product data ensures that the employee removes the correct item from the storage place. Potential errors during the picking process are thus minimized.

The advantage of this combined Voice & Vision solution is the optimization of the process safety and work ergonomics. As an option, the speech-controlled system can be used in form of the mobile speech computer "Voxter" with headset or via the picking vest "Lydia VoiceWear" with integrated speaker and microphone. The vest increases the ergonomics and ensures the picker gains maximum freedom of movement and can focus on his main activities. Since product images are shown on the display of the Smart Watch, the failure rate during the picking process is lowered significantly. This technology is of particular interest for logistics service providers who offer a wide variety of products of the same items in different designs or models.

Outlook: Smart Watch as active partner
The data watch provides considerably more support than the visual assistance provided by the Pick by Voice process. This technology provides additional functions that exceed pure image display: All order information and the current picking locations can be called up. The importance of Value Added Services becomes more apparent and these services require work steps that depart from the standard process.

The Smart Watch utilizes a vibration function that alerts the picker automatically of such particular steps. The Smart Watch can be operated via speech recognition or touch screen. In order for warehouse employees to communicate directly and easily, the Lydia Voice Suite telephone function is also available. Needless to say, the use of this watch eliminates long walks through the warehouse. All Smart Watch models currently tested for speech-controlled application and whose capacity and wear comfort have been proven are suitable.