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Voice directed / speech recognition, hands-free warehouse and distribution center computing, voice in the warehouse, voice technology and voice systems. Voice Directed Picking and Voice-enabled workers wear a headset connected to a small wearable computer.

LogiMAT 2015: Imtradex presents innovative communication solutions for the “Pick by Voice” systems as well as for retailers

LogiMAT 2015: Imtradex presents innovative communication solutions for the “Pick by Voice” systems as well as for retailers
Imtradex GmbH exhibits at this year's LogiMAT from 10th to 12th of February in Hall 7, Booth 7D10, their first solution for the retail business is combining a headset with a Motorola-branded radio. In addition, the manufacturer shows the LogiTalk headset series that have been specifically designed with the needs of the “Pick by voice” systems.

Communication adapts the work environment: multi-purpose solution for retailers

The new solution for the retail combines the extreme lightweight monaural neckband headsets series NB2000 / 4000, Business Line XSN as well as the earphone series DE225 and Ear 69/70 with the radio Motorola CLP446. The system solution provides a fast, simple and unobtrusive communication between employees at the POS. The main advantages: "Employees do not have to move away from their work situation or from customers to tune individual customer requests or price reviews with their colleagues. Also, team leaders can support their employees or new personnel during operation unobtrusive and train or give orders, "says Ralf Kudernak, Managing Director of Imtradex GmbH. This is only achieved if a clear and distinct voice communication is possible.

Basis of the combined solution forms with the CLP446 a radio of the Motorola brand, which thanks to its oversized and centrally located push-to-talk button enables a simple and fast operation. The advantages of the radio are: 16 adjustable volume levels, an intelligent status light that indicates the active channel, transmitting and receiving status, scan status and battery level, and a voice-controlled menu for quick access to features pre-installed devices.

The ideal supplement is the monaural neckband headsets BusinessLine XSN and NB 2000/ 4000, which are characterized by excellent sound quality speaker and microphone. Business Line XSN is a wideband-capable headset with a suspended, rotatable ear piece and microphone individually adjustable. The robust headset NB2000 / 4000 are similar in design, but particularly well suited for noisy work environments. As an alternative to the neckband headsets is the earphones Ear 69/70 and DE225 which are designed for the communication solutions. While Ear 69/70 comfortably rests on the ear, the DE225 is an in-ear solution.

Headsets from the LogiTalk series, as an ideal solution for the “Pick by Voice” area

At the LogiMAT Imtradex also shows its wide choice of quality, monaural and binaural headsets that can be customized by each Pick by Voice system, and therefore they are used to increase productivity in goods logistics. "Instead of handouts, pick lists, barcode scanners or RFID readers in hand, people in logistics works only with a headset. And these are simply connected to the handheld or the PDA of the employee” summarizes Ralf Kudernak.

From the ultra-lightweight LogiTalk XSN headset, that thanks to flexible rotatable suspended earpiece and durable ear cushions made of synthetic leather, has the highest wearing comfort, to the extremely robust LogiTalk E, a hearing protection headset with noise-canceling electrets microphone and a soundproofing to an average of 27dB that even allow communication in very noisy environments, Imtradex have various communication solutions for different application scenarios.

With the LogiTalk XS Imtradex shows a light monaural headset that enables best voice quality with its noise-compensated NC-microphone and users are protected from excessive sound levels by the Acoustic-Shock-Protection (ASP). The LogiTalk 4000, can easily be worn with a protective helmet, without being connected to it, and is the ideal solution for warehouse staff. In noisy environments, the extremely robust LogiTalk ED, with dynamic microphone is the perfect interface between man and "Pick by Voice" system.