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Developing a Flexible Supply Chain Management Framework for a Consumer Packaged Goods Firm

Developing a Flexible Supply Chain Management Framework for a Consumer Packaged Goods Firm
SpendEdge, a well-known procurement intelligence solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest supply chain analysis study for a consumer packaged goods industry client.

The client is an American consumer packaged goods industry company. The company is based out of Illinois, US and commands an annual revenue of over US$ 40 billion. With delivery and marketing processes becoming more digitalized, the client realized the need to restructure their procurement functions to enhance supply chain visibility and drive profitability. The primary aim of this engagement was to develop an action plan to rebalance their supply base to address the rising demands from global markets. Additionally, by leveraging supply chain analysis, the client wanted to implement a centralized logistics network to centralize their company’s logistics operations, resulting in reducing inventory costs.

According to the experts at SpendEdge, “Redesigning the entire supply chain system enables businesses to enhance supply chain visibility by maximizing the efficiency of the final outcome."

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With the help of SpendEdge's supply chain analysis engagement, the client redesigned and revolutionized their logistics management system. This helped them in overcoming the redundancies in the supply chain while creating new value-added processes. This subsequently helped the client to improve transportation and inventory planning and track just-in-time delivery metrics by analyzing shipping schedules. Additionally, the supply chain analysis engagement helped the client improve the inventory system while minimizing costs.

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SpendEdge’s supply chain analysis helped the client to:
  • Minimize cost and overcome supply chain risks 
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of global supply capabilities 
  • To know more about the supply chain strategies followed by different firms 

The supply chain analysis also offered predictive insights on:
  • Improving efficiency and visibility throughout the network 
  • Centralizing company’s logistics operations 
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