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Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd. awarded Oliver Wight Class A Award

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd. awarded Oliver Wight Class A Award
Business transformation specialist, Oliver Wight, is delighted to announce that its customer, Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd., has been awarded Oliver Wight’s globally recognised ‘Class A for Planning & Control’ certification.

Based in Cumbria, UK, the £23 million turnover hydropower and pumping system specialist has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last three years. From an organisation held back by a lack of integration and short-­term firefighting, Gilkes is now driving forward with its plans, linked strategic objectives, and a clear view of the business over a 24 -­month horizon.

Oliver Wight and Gilkes began the transformation journey in September 2015, with Gilkes swiftly getting to grips with the principles which shape Oliver Wight’s leading methodology of Integrated Business Planning (IBP). Through the transfer of knowledge and education, Oliver Wight encouraged Gilkes to stimulate transformation from within, driving collaboration, integration and cultural change throughout the organisation. Gilkes has streamlined its processes, embraced accountability and responsibility at all levels of the organisation, and built a framework which promotes cross-­organisational communication, transparency and the power of its people.

“Class A is excellence through people! The drive and passion for change that Class A has engendered amongst our employees has been incredible;; it has united our business,” says Andy Poole, CEO of Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd., “Achieving Class A is the start of our ongoing drive to create a high-­performance workplace.”

Dawn Howarth, Associate at Oliver Wight EAME says, “We work with many large organisations, and Gilkes’ transformation has been nothing short of extraordinary. The key has been the passion and enthusiasm of the people;; the team embraced the principles and concepts of Class A, applied them to both self-­educate, and design a process that is now fully established at the core of who and what Gilkes is. In so doing, it has brought a level of control to the business which it initially it didn’t even realise was possible. I am thrilled with the results they have achieved.”

Looking ahead, Gilkes has already set its sights on the next Oliver Wight milestone, Class A for Integrated Business Planning. It is developing further improvements on managing and leading people, products and services to strengthen its position as a leader in the field of hydropower and pump manufacturing.

Caption: L to R: Dawn Howarth, Associate at Oliver Wight EAME & Andy Poole, CEO at Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd.