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Red Ledge Launches Automated Supply Chain Control System

Red Ledge Launches Automated Supply Chain Control System
Advanced manufacturing and logistics control specialist Red Ledge is launching the latest version of its automated supply chain control system, which fully integrates and automates warehouse management, manufacturing and asset management processes. ‘Red Ledge Supply Chain’ integrates the company’s open, plug-together control systems to create a one-stop, end-to-end solution for manufacturing and logistics companies: major productivity increases have been reported by users say Red Ledge.

The first public showing of the new system is at the 10-11 October 2018 Robotics and Automation industry event, Arena MK, Red Ledge stand 415.

The latest version of Red Ledge Supply Chain has been developed using the company’s rapid-deployment systems development toolset. It uses RFID and other forms of IIoT* intelligence to control integrated production, WMS, logistics and asset management functions within a single, seamless environment. *(Industrial Internet of Things)

Red Ledge is a globally recognised specialist in RFID, barcode, voice and sensor technologies for the IIoT age. The company is currently growing at 30% per annum.