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Christmas Comes Early for Khaos Control Cloud Users with Impressive Feature Updates

Christmas Comes Early for Khaos Control Cloud Users with Impressive Feature Updates
Grantham-based software company, Khaos Control Solutions, is delighted to announce over a dozen new features and fixes to its browser-based business management software, Khaos Control Cloud.

Extending earlier improvements made to their ‘ERP on the Go solution’, the product’s development was heavily influenced by its user community who vote on what features they want to see next via a development roadmap.

Drop shipping, a powerful tool that outsources warehousing and logistics to third parties, slashing overhead costs and space demands, was high on the list for the most sought after features and is now available to simplify business processes.

Selling over multiple channels, from Amazon to eBay, Shopify to WooCommerce, is vital to the success of any eCommerce entrepreneur. Khaos Control Cloud was quick to integrate with leading channels meaning sales could be managed from one centralised place. However, Khaos Control Solutions have now gone one step further. No longer do users have to remember to update stock levels, as the latest December update automates ‘syncing’, meaning anything sold on any channel is reflected without intervention.

Another innovation that builds stronger businesses is the printing of invoices from the Archive of Khaos Control Cloud’s powerful Sales Invoice Manager. Business management software cuts paper use down dramatically. But recognising the need for occasional print outs, particularly for accounting, functionality was added to further assist day-to-day business operations.

Managing Director at Khaos Control Solutions, Mike Cockfield, commented: “We understand the passion and vision of entrepreneurs and believe that there shouldn’t be anything holding them back from building a great future.

“That’s why we’ve pressed on, listening to our users – what they wanted to see – and have rolled out more than a dozen new features and fixes, particularly in time for Christmas as orders are ramping up.

“This isn’t the end of the story – we want Khaos Control Cloud to be the number one choice for businesses that want to grow and expand.

“We are excited to invite you to start a free trial today at”.

Mike concludes, “In us, you’ll find a partner that listens and has your back – there for you for the long term, there for you until your vision becomes reality and beyond”.