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A-Safe Announces European Availability Of Real-Time Rack Monitor

A-Safe Announces European Availability Of Real-Time Rack Monitor
A-Safe - the international safety barrier manufacturer and inventor of the world’s leading polymer safety barriers - has announced European availability of a first-of-its-kind system which monitors rack damage and sends real-time alerts to nominated employees should damage occur.

RackEye offers real-time, 24/7 monitoring reducing the need for time consuming rack inspections and eliminating paper-based systems. The product provides warehouse managers with peace of mind that their racking is safe, whilst also increasing operational efficiency and encouraging safer driving.

The revolutionary software constantly records all impacts, no matter how small, and its patented algorithm differentiates between everyday bumps caused by the constant loading and unloading of racks, and the more substantial impacts that cause damage. This avoids the routine false alarms that occur when using simple shock-detector systems.

When damage is detected, alerts are sent immediately to nominated personnel via app and email notification, allowing warehouse managers to take immediate action from any location.

A-Safe co-owner, James Smith, said: “Any shock sensor can monitor impacts. The intelligence is identifying and recognising which impacts have caused damage to racking legs and alerting only for these.

“As a result, RackEye avoids false alarms and can pinpoint the damage to a specific rack leg location so action can be taken.”

A-Safe’s expert team invented RackEye after listening to the needs of warehouse and logistics professionals and developing a solution to address the issue they experience on a daily basis.

Smith added: “Businesses simply don’t know if their racking is safe on a continuous basis. It is also difficult to ascertain whether damage has been missed as it is often hard to see with the naked eye, or to keep track of cumulative damage which can be the most serious. We have a product that will make a significant difference to warehouse and logistics operations.”