Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) applications in manufacturing and the supply chain.

TECSYS Extends its RFID Kanban Replenishment System from Healthcare to Broader Distribution Industries

TECSYS Extends its RFID Kanban Replenishment System from Healthcare to Broader Distribution Industries
TECSYS Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management software company, announced today a market leading and proven RFID Kanban inventory replenishment system that addresses the just-in-time needs of supply chains at point-of-use inventory settings. It provides clear visibility and accessibility of products anywhere in a distribution network, it also automates replenishment based on real-time consumption, captures usage while significantly reduces cost as well as cash tied-up in inventory.

Robert Colosino, Vice President, Marketing at TECSYS, stated: "After a decade of proven ROI in the demanding healthcare provider industry, we are extending our latest RFID Kanban System to an underserved and broader distribution operation’s market. These industries are facing significant challenges of volatile and unpredictable demand, lack of inventory visibility and costly supply chain processes. Our RFID Kanban System addresses these challenges head-on, freeing workers from the time-consuming and error-prone manual processes."

TECSYS’ RFID Kanban System brings optimum ease-of-use and efficiency to a point-of-use setting. It dramatically cuts cost, relieves workers from the time-consuming inventory management chores and enables them to access supplies quickly and easily from anywhere in the organization’s distribution network. Product and usage information are captured in the TECSYS system, enabling purchasing organizations to track usage, re-order automatically and plan the demand accordingly, virtually eliminating all stock outs.

TECSYS’ RFID Kanban System addresses inventory management of the point-of-use challenges of such operations as maintenance and repairs (MROs), parts distribution, healthcare products distribution, utilities, education, municipalities and other general businesses challenges at point-of-use.

TECSYS’ RFID Kanban Replenishment System is setup with a pre-established demand-based quantity of products, divided between two compartments of a storage module on the Kanban shelf. When products in the first compartment are consumed, the last person to pick this product transfers the product’s identification RFID tag to TECSYS’ smartpanel™ located near the storage unit. Placing the tag on the smartpanel triggers an automated replenishment request before critical supply levels are reached. Logistics staff then begin using items from the second compartment, which holds a level of inventory based on consumption within a pre-defined period of time.

By placing the product RFID tag on TECSYS’ smartpanel, the system transmits the request to the supply management application which generates a pick list for stock items or a requisition for direct purchase items to refill products to their appropriate levels.