Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) applications in manufacturing and the supply chain.

Logimat 2017: Mosca presents RFID solution for warehousing in the strapping sector

Logimat 2017: Mosca presents RFID solution for warehousing in the strapping sector
Leading the way with advanced technologies and Industry 4.0 expertise, the strapping experts from Mosca GmbH are showing how RFID tags simplify ordering and storage of strapping materials. Developed in cooperation with software specialists at PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH, the system will be simulated live at Logimat in Stuttgart (Hall 4, Stand 4F61). Mosca is also showcasing entry-level to high-end strapping machines for a wide variety of applications and user profiles.

  • Live simulation at exhibition stand 4F61 
  • RFID tags for fully automated strap reordering 
  • Comprehensive portfolio of strapping systems for a wide variety of applications and requirements 

At Logimat 2017, Mosca GmbH focuses on technological developments and applications for Industry 4.0. As an industry leader, the company is introducing a new RFID system that enables customers to automate ordering processes for straps. SoniXs series strapping machines on display at the trade show, including the SoniXs MS-6 and SoniXs TR-6 Pro, are equipped with interfaces and network capability for the automated processes. Designed to meet customer needs, the Mosca RO-M Fusion and MO-M-8 strapping machines are suitable for companies that require occasional, yet reliable strapping of products.

Industry 4.0 live
The term "Industry 4.0" is often associated with complicated, hard-to-comprehend systems. In its presentation of RFID technology at Logimat, Mosca focuses on clarity and intelligibility. Actual strapping material consumption and ordering processes are simulated using a model warehouse, a strapping machine that reads RFID tags, and multiple digital displays. The aim is to show how strapping coils with RFID tags communicate with the customer's ERP system, identify stock levels, and independently activate reorders. Employees can use an app to follow the automated processes.

Mosca developed the system in close cooperation with ERP specialists from PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH. "RFID plays a key role in the increasing automation of machines and processes," explains Karsten Bruckschweiger, team leader and consultant on site in Austria. "From our point of view, it is right now the most realistic option for optimizing ordering processes and warehousing. At the same time, it is important to lower the psychological barrier of potential users towards the new system. In this respect, industrial apps can be very helpful. They enable Mosca customers to quickly trace ordering processes for strapping materials using a mobile device."

A system of strapping machines and materials
Mosca manufactures plastic straps at its plant in Muckental, one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. The high-tensile strength straps are made from polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PET) or polylactic acid (PLA). The environment-friendly Ecostrap made from PLA is produced from renewable resources and industrially compostable within a very short time.

Flexible strapping machines for a variety of applications
The SoniXs MS-6 and SoniXs MS-6 KR strapping machines presented at Logimat enable a variety of application options. A wide range of frame sizes makes it possible to adapt the strapping machines to standard product sizes. To meet high-end demands, the SoniXs MS-6 and SoniXs MS-6 KR are available in Pro versions equipped with the corresponding conveyor technology. Remote servicing enables Mosca technicians to quickly diagnose and correct machine malfunctions. The sealing units in both machines are mounted to the side of the product. This helps ensure safe strapping of low or heavy products.

Mosca also produces semi-automated and automated strapping machines for entry-level customers. These units offer advanced Mosca technology at a lower price. The segment is covered at Logimat by the RO-M Fusion and MO-M-8 with printer and packing table. Both feature a heat-weld system with electronic temperature control. Coils can be easily changed and threaded. Sensitive packages are protected with super-soft strapping. As a semi-automatic machine, the MO-M-8 does not have a strap guide frame. Straps are laid across the products manually by the operator. This makes the machine ideal for companies that do not need to strap products regularly. The RO-M Fusion is available with three different frame sizes and is capable of up to 55 cycles per minute.

Mosca GmbH is presenting a selection of products in Hall 4, Stand 4F61.

Caption RFID system
The RFID system enables customers to automate ordering processes for straps.

Caption SoniXs MS-6

The SoniXs MS-6 and SoniXs MS-6 KR are suitable for all common product sizes because they are available in a large variety of frame sizes.